Friday, March 13, 2015

The silver lining can stuff it

 Freedom Flecky! It's so close we can taste it!

Monday will be 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS!!!! During which I have sat on Fleck a grand total of twice. And once was for 5 minutes in the parking lot at Ashland and the other time was for a glorious hour of bareback grazing and a short trip to the lake and back. And both of those were within the first 2 weeks. So it has been a full 4 weeks with no Flecky rides. And it was okay. God took pity on me and we've had fairly miserable weather, which made it easier. And I was busy. And it was good to focus on Danny for a bit and bond with him. So yep... I see the silver lining. Especially when Fleck was super lame from his abscess. And come to find out, he had a big abscess in one foot and a smaller one in the other! Poor kid.

However, silver lining or not, I'm so ready to get back on my boy! And he's ready too. We can both taste it. :) His butt seems to be healed. I'll be shocked if the ultrasound isn't clear. (Horrified, and I really hope I haven't jinxed myself, so I really hope I'm not in for a surprise). And after getting his feet done again, his abscesses are open and drained and he feels great. So great in fact, that he was a bucking bronco at dinner last night. I haven't seen his feet fly up that high in eons. :) He was downright sassy too! :)

So..... I've just got to restrain myself for a few more days. It's soooo hard not to hop on him and just start our walks. What's the harm?!? BUT... I'll behave. I'll wait til Monday to see what the ultrasound shows. And pray my butt off in the meantime. Because God knows how I've missed this guy. 

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