Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Riding in the Rain

We headed out for a hack and as soon as we hit the XC field we noticed some rain ahead. And then it was on top of us. It came down quick and heavy!! Everyone else started trotting back to the trailers, so... we did too. They all got off and put their horses in the trailer. Fleck and I were like "Uh... why?!". Hee hee. We were already wet, so... I grabbed a jacket and hopped back on and we headed out. It quit about 10 minutes later and cleared up and was beautiful. We dried off pretty quick. :) It was a fun hack.

We headed to the jump field because Kelly and Peri wanted to jump. I did a few laps at the trot and Fleck started fine, but quickly it became obvious that he was still lame. :( Booooo..... Not going to lie... I'm highly disappointed. :( But... we still had a good ride. And I'll fix him.

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