Thursday, March 3, 2016

but at least there's this

Sigh.... I'm a horrible mom. So... Fleck doesn't have an abscess I don't think. He wasn't quite right in my dressage lesson. He wasn't overtly lame except for a few steps after the left lead canter. But the right lead canter was awful. And he just felt unhappy. We cut it short. Cindy thought it was maybe left front. 

We headed to Ashland after my dressage lesson to have Wayne look at him. Wayne said he really didn't  think it was an abscess and thought it was left front also. He pulled the left front shoe and dug out a little bit where Fleck was sore on the lateral hoof wall edge. 

But then I rode again today and... no real change. He might have even been worse. He did not want to pick up the right lead at all. And felt just... icky. So we just hacked mostly. I had Liz watch my video from schooling... and she felt that he looked uncomfortable and was basically cheating. He didn't want to say no, so he cheated and found a way to get the job done. 

So... Unless we can find anything glaring and easily fixable, it looks like Sporting Days is out. Sigh.. Guess I'm getting my answer. 

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