Saturday, March 5, 2016


We still don't know what is up with Flecky. I adjusted him and then he was worse and borderline neuro. Well, not even borderline.... flat out neuro really. He was standing funky and was not placing well. Then on the lunge he was dramatically lamer than he has been and clearly unhappy picking up the trot and then even the canter. You could see the right hind catching a good bit. Flexing made it only moderately worse when we flexed just his stifle. 

We x-rayed his feet again and his angles are still very negative even with the 2 degree wedge. So.. the plan is to pare down his sole at the toe to help with the negative angles, add the rocker shoe to the front feet to help with break over, and see what happens there. Prior to Wayne coming on Friday I'm going to bute him and see if that helps. That way I can see if it's pain vs neuro vs biomechanical. Then I'll test him for lymes, just in case. Then... if all else fails... maybe x-ray his neck and/or consider injecting his lumbosacral joint. 

But really, I have no idea. I buted him today and .... well... it's hard to say. He certainly felt pretty good at the beginning. We did an hour long walk hack and he was chomping at the bit, but tripped some. Then we hit the field and trotted and cantered and he seemed perfectly sound. Even Laura Duhamel and Erin Flynn thought so. But then while they were watching to check him, he tripped and faceplanted. He fell to his knees and to his face. I don't know if he tripped or what. The skid marks look like he just slid. There was no holes in the ground or anything. And then he was a bit off in the right hind for a few minutes. He worked out of it and seemed sound again after. SO.....what does that mean? There is a pain component AND a neuro component? Is it chiro neuro and not real neuro?? 
 I have no idea.... and it's frustrating because I want to help him. But he does feel fairly happy and ready to go still.... 

It was a beautiful day though!

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  1. So sorry your boy doesn't seem right. Fingers crossed he's feeling better soon!