Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Better, but not fixed

And today we hacked with Kelli and Jessica. We got to trot today. Still lame, but better than he was. Hoping the stifle injection works more in due time. 

  Ummm... why do I have butt foam mom!?  So.. interesting... This was our first day of trotting. And it was super hot! As you can tell, was super sweaty. (He's getting more fit now, don't worry!). However, I noticed that he had legitimate butt foam. He's NEVER had butt foam. And sure, maybe some of it is fat, but he's been fatter before and still hasn't gotten butt foam. And while he's been fatter before, he's never quite filled out in his butt like this before. I honestly think that he's finally able to use himself properly now and is building proper muscles. Of course, he's still lame. And perhaps the lameness is secondary to having to work properly??? But.. butt foam!!!

 I got up extra early this morning to get this ride in. Worth it!! Fleck and I are so much happier on days we ride.

And then there are days we ride at home because it's the only time we have OR we want to be able to use the new barn and let Fleck be the first chiropractic and acupuncture patient treated in the new barn. And the first pony to get hosed off. :) Cause he's special. :)

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  1. Your new barn is so beautiful!!!!! We are a funny group to get excited about butt foam on our horses... Happy to hear there is improvement on the main man! long may it continue!