Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rehab rides

So... It's amazing how much just being back on my big guy can improve both of our mindsets! I'm complaining that we are on the 30 day back to work schedule and don't really feel like we need to be. It's not like it was a soft tissue injury. BUT.. it's a good thing. Because I'm already pushing it. ;) Poor Flecky... it's a shame he has to suffer my "be the best you can be" itis... We're walking up hills instead of on flat surfaces. But I'm limiting it to 15 minutes... Like I'm supposed to.

We're on day 4.
This was Sunday, day 2.

Sneaking in our ride this morning. Tomorrow, we get to trot. Though he trotted off after dinner tonight and still looked a bit off. :( 


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  1. Always jealous of the cool places you have to ride.