Monday, March 6, 2017

Guinea Pig

Poor Flecky! He's always my guinea pig. :)

He enjoyed it today though. I ended up with a free day because my appointment for 6 horses that was 2 hours away cancelled. Rather than fill it with clients, I decided to make it a me day. I really really need to get my 10 case reports and case study done before April 1st so I can finish my acupuncture certification. So I was good... I didn't go ride. Sigh. It was hard. It's a beautiful day.... and yeah... But Dan had been ridden Tues, Thurs, Sat and hard on Sunday.... and will get ridden tomorrow and Thursday. And Fleck was ridden Sat or Sun and Thursday so... I was good. I got 2.8 reports done and figured out how/what to do. And I went to the bank, got the trash to the curb, got more treats for work, and did some laundry and dishes. Then I did have to see one dog patient. And it was so pretty out I couldn't stand it, so I went out and adjusted and acupunctured my horses at least. :)

I did Dan first and he's getting so much better at enjoying his adjustments. Hopefully I can get rid of that persistent lower back pain on the right side. I did find a rib that I think I've been missing a lot that MIGHT be the culprit of my inability to put my right leg on. So maybe!!!! And then Fleck had his turn. I did both acupuncture and an adjustment and he was good. Then I decided that he was painful enough in his LS joint to justify injecting it. I need to practice it anyways before I do it on the UGA team horse on Friday. ;) So... I got all my stuff together, hosed his very dirty butt off, and then scrubbed him. And then I injected him. :) I think it worked!!! He didn't freak.... he could still walk when I was done... ha ha!

So... I'm hoping that this will help him out. I still think his knees are bothering him a bit, probably the base of his neck, probably his sciatica still, and his hips are definitely still very tight. But.. maybe this will help him out a lot. If not.... I tried. He'll get a few days off and then I'll take him for a long hack with Beth and Mighty and the two thoroughbreds on Thursday. I'll let him walk it out and then do a little trot and canter to see.

We had fun today snuggling too. :)

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