Saturday, March 4, 2017

One year......

Facebook has the timehop app... and apparently it's been about a year since our XC schooling at the Vista... which I'm pretty sure is when I did Fleck in. And you know, I think I knew that at the time. I felt something but he was so game and happy and ready to go and do... and he hadn't been feeling that good in the last few rides. So... I decided that it was okay.. we would have fun and if it ended up "breaking" him for good.. I was okay with that decision. Especially since he had been on and off for quite some time. In retrospect, maybe that wasn't the best choice. But... we really had a lot of fun that day! 
But anyways.. it is what it is, and it's done, so... no going back. I do believe that that was the last time I jumped him. And it's been about a year of him being lame and not able to work. But it's okay. I've come to terms with it. Mostly. I still miss competing him and hanging out with him and all the riding we did. But I also am so busy with work and don't have time to really ride two horses consistently and Danny is ready to go and do. And Fleck has earned his "take it easy time". It's still hard to leave him though when I go to shows or go to clinics. But.. we had a good day today and had fun. And he seems to be feeling better again. He's been goofing off and playing and running in the pasture a lot. And the first 6 months it seemed like he would only walk. I even saw him doing a flying change the other day. :) He's so fat too. His BUTT IS HUGE!! And he's furry and dirty and his mane is a hot mess. But... I still love his beautiful face!
Anyways... we had a good ride today. The last few rides he's started out quite brisk and not stiff. I can still feel some choppyness in the front end, and I suspect it's his knees bothering him. But he feels pretty even, just shorter strided. We headed out and just went for a fun hack. We did a little bit of trotting and even some cantering. We ended up at the field behind halfshire and wanted to do a little canter. So we did. And near the top of the little hill, Flecky threw in a change to the right lead and busted out a little gallop!!! Hee heee. It did my heart good. His too. He couldn't hold it for long and he was puffing a bit, but.. we had fun. Hopefully he won't make himself sore tomorrow. We even jumped a little log today! He trotted up to it and jumped it and landed in the canter. :) 

I know... I know.. it's a far cry from jumping intermediate XC fences (we did one or two!!! But yes, mostly prelim) a year ago. But you know what?! We jumped a jump today. It may have been a log on the ground, but he jumped it happily. :) 

So... we'll see what the future holds. He owes me nothing and I owe him everything so whatever I can do to help keep him happy and feel special, I'll do my best. 


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