Thursday, February 21, 2013

I love my dressage coach!

I had a dressage lesson scheduled today and it was a gorgeous day!! Warm and sunny! And tomorrow... the weather is rain, 100% chance, 100% of the day! (well at least it was this morning... I think now it may be in the morning and evening only). So... as a thought... I texted Cindy and asked her if there was any chance I could change my lesson tomorrow so I could enjoy the sunshine today and enjoy the covered arena tomorrow. I wasn't thinking anything would come of it because.. you know, I've got a scheduled ride. But sure enough she said no problem! Wheeee!!!

So I hauled Fleck over to Ashland and we joined Kelli for a romp in the sun. I decided it was Day 2 of no stirrups for lent, so... off they came. Kelli reminded me that she wanted to do trot sets! Doh! But I did good. We started with walking and kept it up for a bit as six deer bounded across and got the ponies hearts racing. Then we did some trotting in the woods and wow.. it burned!!! I managed to keep up with Kelli and at one point she looked back to check on me and asked if I needed a break. I told her that I couldn't feel my legs anymore so might as well keep going. ;) I'm sure it wasn't that much trotting but it seemed like a fair amount! And I posted most of it too. Fleck was being his usual "trantering" self instead of lengthing his stride at first but I finally got him to settle into it and lengthen. Yay! Then we did a little canter too up the hill which was fun. Then we ended up in the big field and Kelli wanted to do a little jumping since she was going to Jumping Branch this weekend. 

I jumped Fleck over a little hanging log and then the ditch to the hanging log. Just because! Then we watched Kelli play a bit and I decided to do the drop into the water and jump the log out. We did it twice. Fleck still put in his patented extra stride before going into the water but it was appropriate. It wasn't as bad as his usual pitter patter. And considering I had no stirrups I decided that was quite okay! I wasn't about to ask him to be bold. Hee hee... So then I did some flat work and worked on what Hokan was having us work on. 

All in the sunshine!!!! It was a great day. And now I still get to ride tomorrow in the covered ring!!! Yay!!!


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