Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rainy Day..... We're eventer tough!

So... it's been raining... and raining.... and raining.... And every time it looked like it was stopping.... before I could finish what I was doing... it would start again. Sigh... Finally I found a break in the rain on the radar map and figured I"d take my chance. I loaded up and pulled out of the driveway......and it started sprinkling. Oh well.... I'm already loaded up.. might as well carry on. So we trucked over to Ashland and it was raining harder when we got there. Not a downpour but a steady rain. Oh well. I tacked up quick and went into the ring. It was excellent footing so we did a short school. Fleck gave me some lovely leg yields and we worked on the canter and maintaining round. He was good. So then we went for a short hack in the woods. It wasn't any dryer in the woods. Doh! Oh well. We had fun!

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