Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bank Bounce Success

Whoo whooo!

After the dressage show, Fleck got Mon and Tues off because of work. Wednesday we had a XC lesson scheduled with Beth. At noon. On a day that was set for 92 degrees. Ugh! But we all manned up and did it. And it really wasn't too bad once we got on. There was a nice breeze that helped a good bit. 

We all got on and headed out to the field at Ashland. We started our warm up by walking over the ditches. Fleck decided that yet again... walking was boring. So he spiced it up by crow hopping and bucking on the landing side. Repeatedly. Then we went to warm up with some trots and canters. Fleck opted for gallops. ;) I was really glad he felt so good and because he's him, I was able to keep him controlled. So we warmed up and then jumped some of the jumps out in the field. I worked on my alternating half halts and keeping him packaged between both legs and both hands. Forward and balanced and not behind my leg. 

So then we went to the banks. We had set up a bounce vertical at the top of the prelim bank. We warmed up over the smaller banks and then I headed to the up bank. It went pretty well actually! He "ooof"ed over it the first time. Beth said I was being too restrictive with my hands. And I think it's because I'm just a hair behind the motion and therefore I'm balancing on the reins somewhat. But I'm afraid to get ahead of him because of what happened at Chatt Hills that fourth of July. So... I must get a neck strap and remember to use it on the up banks. So then we turned around and came down. He stopped the first time and it was because he was all strung out and on the forehand. So I got my "MAD CANTER!" going. My startbox canter, my tigger canter, my revved up and pissed off bouncing in place canter! And he was awesome! BUT... I need to remember my landing gear! I need to keep my feet out in front of me so when I land, I land in balance. Not slung up on his neck with no way to recover for whatever comes next. We did that a few times and I got it. 

Then we went on and did the water and the trakenher and some courses. Oh, and I even jumped that big scary wide oxer. Which, when I jumped it in a collected but forward gallop fence gallop, it jumps just fine. 

That's about all we did because it was so hot and the horses were blowing pretty hard. Flecks' breathing was even a little loud and raspy at the end but he recovered fairly quickly. So we all headed to the lake and let them soak a bit. Fleck got in pretty deep! It was that hot. He soaked his belly and my feet got wet. 

But yep.. a fun day. I was proud of both of us. We managed to get it without too much difficulties. Yay!

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