Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm learning, I'm learning!

Today was a good dressage day. Nothing too horribly exciting, but good work. And I'm learning and getting rid of some of my bad habits! There was a few times today when Fleck braced and inverted and instead of panicking and fighting with him to come back down... I just sat quiet and waited and he settled back down into the contact. Yay! And I could feel when he was shoving his barrel into my right leg and responded appropriately. Sweet!! Then we had a pretty decent trot lengthen and a few steps of LOVELY half pass!! I really think I over think it and make it more difficult. I am too afraid we'll end up leg yielding so I straighten him too much in the half pass. But he really needs to lead with his shoulders. And once I do that, he can get the bend, and then..... LOVELY HALF PASS!! Yay!

So yep.. some good work. Cindy said he was getting more "strutty" and proud of himself. :)


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