Monday, June 3, 2013

Dressage lesson

Another good dressage lesson with Cindy. I warmed him up on my own and we did some stretching. Then we went to work. We did some lateral work to improve his trot. I need to get that big lofty back swinging trot! Then with our lengthens I need to remember to keep the stride SLOW.. not just run him. Argh... I feel like I broke my trot lengthen. I was starting to get a decent one it seems, but now he's just running. Argh, so I'll have to remember to bounce and lift and go slow. And half halt so he's rocked back. Then we went to the canter. Oooh la la! His canter is really coming along. We got a nice soft slow canter today and he didn't feel like he was going to break! YAY! BUT.. it was hard hard work. For both of us. I HAVE TO remember to shorten that outside, especially to the left. By keeping that outside of his body connected and not flung out, he really uses himself. And to help do that... I have to keep my elbows at my side. If I'm moving my hips in the canter, my elbows will then move with him. And... as the video proves... while I think my elbows are clamped down to my side, they are in fact, still floating in the air. So my goal for this weekend is to really think about getting my elbows down and back and my shoulders down and back with my sternum up. And to think of wearing a corset to keep me from wiggling. 

What else? I think those were the main take away points from today.

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