Monday, June 10, 2013


I woke up early to get some interval work in and holy smokes!!! It was so darn humid even at 7 am. Luckily by the time I got to Ashland and tacked up there was a bit more cloud cover, a nice breeze and the humidity had dropped a bit. So we got to work. We did 3x5 trot sets easily. Then I let him have an extra minute to breathe before starting the canters as the air was like potato soup! So then we did 2 four minute canters with a gallop the last 30 seconds and I gave him an extra minute between to catch his breath again. Afterwards we rested up for about 5 minutes and then we did a bit of jumping. I did the corner and coop combo again but did it coop to corner this time. He was still raring to go and felt great. Then Kelly joined us and we went and soaked in the lake for a bit to cool off. At this point, we were both dripping. After our soak, Peri joined us and we went for a nice hour long hack through the woods. Then Peri went to work on the ditches and Fleck was ready to go again! Yay! I'm so glad he feels so good.

Although I guess I should up the fitness just a little bit. But perhaps when the humidity doesn't make it feel like we're swimming!

Fleck did have fun cooling down in the lake though!

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