Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A little break from vacation

So I realize that Fleck deserves a real vacation, but... he had 10 days off! Plus the week before he was only ridden once or twice.. and this week he won't get ridden too much... so I went for a little ride. He was happy to be out and about too! I just couldn't help myself!

I hauled him and Dan both to Ashland and rode Peri's mare for her since she came off of her yesterday and was sore. She's fun. Tough, but fun. Then I knew I was going to have to beat the weather and since I knew it was still Fleck's vacation and that Dan was super bored.. I took both of them to Ashland. I lunged Dan first and then since he was a bit tired.. I decided that Fleck would be happier if I took Dan with us. Well.. maybe not. Fleck kept pinning his ears at him and getting mad!! And Fleck wanted to go!!! He was really wanting to move out and trot and canter and go! So we did a bit of trotting and cantering with Dan. It actually went pretty well. Then we went to the lake for a bit. Fleck chilled and Dan went for a swim. Then we did some more cantering and...Apparently Fleck did NOT like cantering with Dan. He reached out and nailed him 2 or 3 times with his hind end. Argh! Dan peeled off so I let go of him. Then hopped off to check him out. He was holding up a leg but I think it's where his hoof had peeled back. He's got such flaky feet. He had a little nick that was bleeding but I don't think it was bothering him. Within 20 seconds he was walking on it again fine. Phew.. So I got back on and we headed out at a walk. We got back to the trailer and I tied Dan up and thought I'd take Fleck back out for a bit. Because obviously he wasn't happy taking Dan with us. Well.. he wasn't happy without Dan either! Maybe he was just all riled up but he was all up and antsy and wouldn't pay attention. I finally managed a decent canter and decent stretchy trot so I let him quit with that. Guess I should have left Dan at home, but...we had fun. And it kept me from working Fleck too hard. Though the big guy felt great and was raring to go!

So today he'll get his third IRAP again and then another two days off. I'm hoping to ride him Sat and Sun. Just leisurely trail rides.. by ourselves! :) Then he'll get Mon and Tues off and then it's back to work on Wed!

Now to find another show to aim for so I have something to work towards. 

Man did I Miss him so! It felt so good to be back on his back!

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