Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rain is a good thing.... Right?? Really? Are you sure?

Argh.. it's been raining for what seems like eons lately. But I've been riding :) Nothing too exciting...Wednesday we went for a dressage ride to get back in gear. He was good. Then Thursday we did more dressage and went for a trail ride. Then Friday, the one sunny day!, I ended up not having time to ride. Argh. But that's okay... He got new shoes. And I had a fun date night, so... it was okay that I didn't ride. Then Saturday I had to work at the day clinic but I managed to get home in time to sneak in a ride. We went for a trail ride that converted into fitness. We walked to warm up and then spent the next 25 minutes trotting the trails. We walked in the really mucky areas (which shockingly were very far and few between) and over the bridges. But otherwise, all trotting. It was a pretty good work out. Then we walked a bit to settle and did two canter sets in the field. I figured two 3 minute sets was good for getting back into the swing of things. Plus it was so hot and muggy. So then we soaked in the lake a good bit and headed home.

Today we did a quick dressage work during which Fleck was really good!! He gave me some lovely half pass work and then we played with 8 strides canter, 8 strides walk, 8 strides counter canter, 8 strides walk. On a Circle!! :) He was pretty darn good! I was so proud. Then we went on a trail ride with Sarah Beth and Jennifer and had a good time.

Tomorrow we'll jump with Christina and Sham and then hopefully ride Tues night too after work. Then I'll ride Wed before work and then not til Sat.


  1. Good job! I'm looking forward to read about your beautiful dressage horse! By the way, I'm going to study horse veterinarian medicine in college!
    Paola @

  2. By the way, would you like a Leibster award?
    Visit my blog if you would like to be nominated.

  3. Busy girl! Yay for good rides/hacks!