Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last minute Jumper Show

One of the farms in Athens was hosting a jumper show. I really wanted to go as it was laid back, close, and had fun courses and more accurate ride times. BUT, I had long ago scheduled a chiropractic appointment with Dr. Brown, so we couldn't. But, the jumper show was an evening show and my chiro appt got pushed up an hour early so it actually worked out perfectly to go straight to the jumper show from the chiro. It also meant for a long day in the trailer for Fleck, but that's not unusual for him and he had Sunny to keep him company and I bought a fresh new bale of orchard/alfalfa, so they were happy. 

Fleck had a good visit with Dr. Brown. He was actually a bit sore in his right hind and SI and his right TMJ, which has never been a problem for him before. But Dr. Brown said his knees didn't seem to be bothering him really at all. SCORE!! Gotta love that IRAP!! And that was even with the scraped up knee. (Though it really was just a flesh wound). He adjusted quite nicely out of the SI pain and Keelin even said his muscling and top line looked good. Yay! 

We got to the jumper show with the perfect amount of time really. I checked in, brushed him quickly and threw tack on and headed up to the warm up ring. It was so much fun. It's such a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone else was done but stayed to cheer us on. It was just me and Cindy riding and Karen, Kelli, Peri, and Brenda all stayed to cheer. We had a blast!! We started with the 3'/3'3" class and had fun!!! Super fun courses! There were lots of roll backs and bending lines and s curves. We did a lot of angling fences. And Fleck was phenomenal!!! 

He was locked on and taking me to every fence! There were a few times where I held too much and he added. He wasn't thrilled about it but he did it. And he only knocked down three rails in a total of 5 classes or something like that. And they were totally my fault. He was rocking and rolling and rocked back on his haunches. We got a good chunk of our lead changes and even did a two tempi when I got lost. Hee hee.. He was really good at the roll backs even... I felt a bit like I did on Roany! Such a good feeling. And it was a blast with everyone cheering. At one point Fleck was coming to a vertical like gang busters and I said "Easy there Big Red"!. hee hee. Not sure where Big Red came from, but.. it seemed appropriate at the time. He was so keen! Kelli even said that he was like a border collie...on a mission and locked on! hee hee. Our last class was 3'6" and he was amazing! He jumped like a fiend despite me not riding as well. I held too much over one fence and he basically heaved himself over it (without touching a rail) and then I decided we were going for the bending line vertical 4 strides out and he manned up. He then showed his displeasure by bucking on the landing... hee hee. But he manned up. Not a single stop!!! He was on fire!! So I let him quit with that. I felt kind of bad. It was a lot of jumps with tight turns in a short time. And he was just adjusted by Dr. Brown! Doh. 

But it was so much fun. You could tell he was having a blast too!! And it was fun hanging out with our friends too. I'm so glad I made it. We'll go to another one in August. Can't wait!

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