Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chatt Hills Schooling fun

My original XC schooling plans fell through, but I ended up heading over there with Cindy and we had fun playing. We decided to take the kiddos too so we left them in stalls while we took the big boys out. And man... was Fleck pissed. But he settled down and once I got onto him he started jumping. He gave me some side to side crazyness and even stopped at the first combo (the coffin). Turd. But once he started paying attention he was fine. In fact, he even surprised me by doing some pretty technical stuff! We did the skinny cabins that were on the two mounds. It was like a roller coaster! And then we did the angled brush fences. In three, not two, but we did manage to eventually get it in two. It was still a bit of a stretch for Fleck because I just couldn't get myself convinced enough to jump in bold. We did a few other fences and then went to the sunken road. And he just sailed right through it all! Well, he jumped it fine. Once I let him be a bit bolder, he jumped boldly through and did fantastic! I was so proud!

We had a good time. Then Fleck had a hissy fit while he stayed in the stall and Danny went out to play. And then when I tied them both to the trailer, Fleck bit Dan. Ha ha.. Silly spotted pony.

Anyways... lots of fun! I'm so excited that Fleck feels so good. He's jumping well, he's jumping bravely and boldly and he's having fun! YAY!!!

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