Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Getting our fitness on

Good day!! I took both boys to Ashland again. It was supposed to be a rainy gross day, but holy toledo!!! It was gorgeous!

Fleck and I did some fitness work. We hacked out and did our 20 minutes of walking, then 20 minutes of straight trotting (minus the walk breaks for crossing creeks) and then we did our gallop/canter sets. We did 3 minutes 3 times with 3 minute breaks. And by the time we hit the last minute of break, he was ready to trot again! He felt good! So then we popped over the corner and the two prelim roll tops since they were out. 

I decided to take Fleck back to get Dan and then we'd go to the lake to soak. So we did. Danny had fun playing and Fleck got to soak. Then we headed back in and Fleck got iced. We ended up totaling 9 miles! GO Fleck!!


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