Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jump Lesson

Well poo.... Our streak of awesomeness ended. It was a good lesson, but frustrating. I just... couldn't get my head out of the clouds. I was literally floating around in lala land. I couldn't ever get in sync with Fleck. But we did fix it mostly and I got my act together. 
I was focusing on having my legs more forward and it helped! And it worked... I was able to do it. Yay! And I managed to do "the clam" mostly too. Yay. I just need to remember to keep him in front of my leg and to react on landing, not two strides later. And to keep him bouncy! In front of my leg does NOT mean faster. And I was having a hard time with my turns. For some reason I want to stick my left leg forward... like really forward! But I need to close it against his side and use my outside rein to get him more upright through the turns. No more motorcyling.

So yep.. then we went out to the XC field and hung out while Beth jumped Tucker. It got colder and colder as they day went on. So by the end, Fleck was able to sport his new cooler!


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