Friday, March 21, 2014

Lazy Day

So Fleck had his appointment with Kathryn today. She did an awesome job on him and said "He's gonna do it for yah!"... in regards to the P3D!! :) I think so too! But again, taking it day by day, so... we'll see. He was a bit restricted in his glutes, but overall much improved. Kathryn was pleased. She was hoping to get his hind end more aligned/straight. So he got to sunbathe for a bit afterwards while I went and got wood for the dog fence. By the time I finished it was 6pm, but I hauled him over to Ashland anyways. I was anxious to see how he felt. We went for an hour long hack and the finished in the dressage ring. He was really lazy! Like he was in a trance. Like how I feel after a really good massage. Then Master and Ann walked by on their way back to the trailers and that woke Fleck up! And then we had a really nice ride. I didn't do much, because I just wanted him to have a light ride. But he definitely felt straighter behind. Yay!!!


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