Friday, March 21, 2014


Today was a productive day! Fleck got a well deserved two days off and I worked. I came home this morning after the overnight and had to run to the grocery store before I could ride. I was a good girl and went for a run first. Man... jogging intervals are nowhere near as fun as gallop intervals! I did manage to do two minutes of jogging, two minutes of walking, two minutes of jogging, two minutes of walking, and a final two minutes of jogging! Go me! ha! Then I got home and grabbed the boys! We met Kelli at Ashland and went for a trail ride. I decided to pony Dan and he was great! Of course he started a bit foolish but really nothing bad. By the end of the ride though, he was mentally and physically settled. I really ought to remember this before backing him again. Take him for a pony ride first!! Fleck was a goober and spent most of the 4 mile walk ride making dragon faces at him. We did manage a teensy bit of trot and even trotted over a log. Yay!
So then I put Dan up and took Fleck out for a quicky dressage spin. I swear... that horse is a fruit loop! He spent the whole time neighing under his breath for Danny. I did manage a somewhat decent ride despite the tension. Oh Flecky... how old are you?! 


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