Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dressage Fun

 And back to work!! We've done some dressage since it dawned on us that we are entered in Chatt hills in a little bit more than 2 weeks!!! EEEEKSSS. But guess what?! It's prelim test B! In a big arena. Whooo hoooo. So much fun. I think this test will be good for Fleck as it's got three halts and a reinback. :) Fleck tends to like those. So fingers crossed we'll score well. 

I had Kelli watch us run through the test and she gave us some great pointers! First, I need to just ride the darn leg yields straight. If i focus too much on leading with the shoulders, I end up getting all twisted and wonky and doing some funky cross between a half-pass and a leg yield and it's just not right. I'll fare much better to just have straight leg yields. Then, she said I really need to keep that outside connection. Every once in a while (And that's Kelli being nice), I lose it and he bulges with his outside shoulder. It's a much prettier picture if I can keep him in that outside rein. So... HOLLY!!! HOLD ONTO THAT OUTSIDE REIN AND KEEP PUSHING FLECK INTO IT!!!! Ha... that MIGHT do the trick ;) And then finally, when we do our simple change across the diagonal, Fleck was bracing and rushing and losing the suppleness. It's because I was expecting him to rush into the other lead so I was bracing. Kelli suggested that I soften my hands but hold with my core, so that he can't brace. And lo and behold, it was lovely! He was bracing because I was bracing. And then because I was hanging, he was rushing into the other lead to protect himself. Now, I have to really keep him engaged and use my core, otherwise he falls on his forehand, but it's still a much nicer picture. And then, the only other thing I need to remember (well, not the only other thing.. jeesh, but one other thing), is to really keep his trot and canter collected except when it's supposed to be a lengthen. His canter and trot tend to border on medium in general. I need to ride him much more collected so I can show a true difference. :) 

Easy, right?!? ;)

But so far he seems to be feeling great and is ready to go :)

And just because we're "off" vacation, doesn't mean we can't still play in the lake after we work :)

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