Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gallop/fitness day with Cindy and Buddy

 Today was a fun day! Cindy and I met up and played with the boys. We rode the "old farts" first and had a fun hack and fitness set. We did some walking, and then about 20 minutes of trotting. Then we did some gallops. I think it was three sets of 3 minutes. The second one was a real gallop as Cindy let Buddy out some. Well, Fleck is like his momma. He gets a little competitive, so we had to stay in front of him. I never know if Cindy holds him back and lets us win or if we actually beat Buddy. I'm guessing she lets us win. Buddy was a pretty good racehorse. I believe he ran for quite a few years and won a decent amount. But regardless, Fleck kicked it up a notch. Apparently our top speed was 24.95 mph. :) Wheee! So yeah, I'm sure Buddy was letting us win. Such a gentleman. But it was fun regardless. We won't tell Fleck that Buddy let him win. ;)

So then of course, we had to go soak in the lake. The boys were like kids. Just chilling but as soon as we went to head home, they had to splash around.

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