Monday, July 14, 2014

Lovely last day before Chatt Hills

 Ahhhhhh...... Yesterday and today were so hectic. On Wednesday, I took a nap and then got in a quick ride with Peri. I did a quick hack and then jumped him into the water on XC. He was a bit unsure at first, and kept doing his pitter patter and then landing on all four. Peri said that I was a bit tipped forward, so maybe between him being unsure and me being forward, he was trying to protect himself. So I sat up a bit more and he leapt off like a big boy! Yay! Problem solved. Then we jumped in the ring. I just did one course to make sure we were together. And we were! He jumped from the long spots when I asked and from the tight spots when I asked him to wait and was jumping well. We didn't do anything huge as I didn't need to. Just wanted to feel him out. So yay!

Then Thursday I was running around ALL day trying to get stuff done before the weekend. Then it ended up raining pretty hard for about an hour or two as I was hoping to go ride. Finally it quit and Mike said he didn't mind, so I hauled to Ashland for a quick flat. We warmed up and ran through our test twice. The first time was great. The second time, he got a little quick in his canter/trot/canter transitions, but we smoothed it out. Then since Judy and Cash were there, we couldn't resist a short hack and a dip in the lake. It was gorgeous out and I'm glad we did it. A nice end to a rushed day.

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