Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dancing in the Rain

So.... it's "Go time" for the P3D. Technically I still have a LONG time, but since Fleck and I will both require some specifically taylored prep work, we should start early. And really, it's only 12 weeks away. So... Even though I was tired and grumpy, I rode. I mean, technically I wanted to ride. It was just... hot, and I was running short on time, had other things I could have/should have been doing, and I was grumpy. But I went. And I'm glad I did. I pulled in and told Fleck that I was grumpy so he was going to have to fix my mood! And he did. As usual. ;)

We just went for a hack because I am going to jump tomorrow and we had a tough dressage lesson yesterday. I wasn't sure if he'd be a little sore from working muscles we haven't worked in awhile. And I had rubs on my knees. And I was grumpy. :) So we set off and did our 15 minutes of walking warm up. Fleck was jumpy! He was on a mission to find someone and every little noise made him flinch. And he was on high alert. Which made me giggle. So then we hit the open field and decided to do some trotting and cantering. It didn't look horrible out weather wise, but it started to sprinkle.

Well then... the sprinkle turned into a downpour! Doh! And of course, we were pretty far from the trailers. I wouldn't have minded really. It cooled it down and Fleck put his head down and trotted quite nicely through the woods. Although I was expecting being in the woods to be a bit dryer, but nope! Anyways, I had left my truck windows down and the tack room door open, so I was a teeny bit anxious to get back. But I decided to enjoy it! We trotted and cantered down the wooded path, went by the waterfall, and then headed back over the dam. Then we galloped in the XC field back up to the barn. It was GLORIOUS! We danced in the rain. :)
So then I decided I probably should roll up my windows. Turns out, we had done 3.4 miles in 45 minutes, so I figured that was probably good enough. Plus, I was still running low on time and figured since I had put Dan in the trailer, I should probably work him.

Thanks for saving my mood Flecky! You rock! (Oh and I did a teeny bit of two point work.. but man, definitely not as fit as I was hoping... must work on that!)

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