Thursday, November 27, 2014

Doing our homework

So life has been a little crazy! Despite the fact that I'm working less, apparently I've had less time to ride too. But I'm being a good wife and Mike and I are having fun hiking. And the weather hasn't been as cooperative. But look! See! I'm riding even when it's super cold. :)

We have been doing our long and deep warm ups with lots of direction. And I hope it's helping. It seems to be. Then we went out to ride late one cool night and I decided to try jumping a hair to see if sliding my butt back makes it easier for my leg to behave. And I think it does!!! Of course I really need a jump lesson as Fleck was feisty and when I did that, my leg started to behave but then didn't. I think it'll work but I definitely need to strengthen some different muscles. But we jumped the trakehner a few times in prep for Full Gallop too. :)
Brrr... it was cold and I had forgotten my quarter sheet. So I grabbed a fleece blanket. It didn't stay on very well but we tried. Fleck was happy as clam grazing though, regardless of how cold it was. But I was cold, so we headed back in pretty quickly.

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