Friday, November 7, 2014

Naked jumping!

So... my summer goal was to get to where I could ride Fleck without a saddle or bridle. Yeah.. that never happened. So I figured I'd give it a whirl today. Kelli wanted to jump and Fleck and I didn't really need to jump so I figured we could work on this. Plus it's "No stirrup November", so... Why not?! I threw on the bareback pad and up we went. I warmed him up and then practiced a bit without using the reins. I just tied the in a knot up on his neck. Yeah... not so much. It is not as easy as I was hoping. 

We did manage to get better at it and even got some decent lines with turning just from my leg and seat. :) I was able to not use the reins for some of it, and just barely touch the reins other times. He was a goof though. He'd be real good and quiet and then suddenly he'd take off with me and go bolting off! Doh! But it was fun.
We'll keep practicing! Then I hopped on Arwyn and jumped her around. And then I was able to hop on Tess too! Fun day. Then I rode Dan... at least I had my stirrups for the other three. Bareback and bridleless jumping is hard on the legs! They were like Jello. 

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