Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Moonlight dressage

Yesterday Fleck got another day off because I was at Dr. Browns' all day. So today, I made sure to ride! Unfortunately by the time I finished chiroing and getting hay... and then I rode Dan first.... it was getting dark! But never fear, the moonlight was awesome! It wasn't a full moon but it was close. 

I got on just as the sun was setting so we headed out to the XC field for a little warm up and to chase the sun. We didn't quite make it to the lake in time and my new phone doesn't have a sunset setting, so I didn't get good pictures. :( So we headed back up for some dressage work. 

He was good. Since it's "No stirrup November", I had pulled my stirrups off. It was good for me. I couldn't lift my heel as much so I was using my leg more. I think anyways. We worked on some lateral work and then worked on the canter to walk to canter stuff. He was pretty darn good!!


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