Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dressage lesson

After the wild trail ride yesterday we opted for a dressage lesson, especially since we are jumping this weekend. Fleck was a good boy and I managed to stay on and not get run off with. ;) Hee hee. We worked on sending him forward and bringing him back with just my core and adjusting my post as opposed to using the reins. For instance, when I ask him to lengthen, I need to post more forward and back rather than up and down and when I ask him to come down to collected trot, I need to post more up and down. Same thing at the canter, although I found that I need to add LOTS of leg when collecting the canter. But he can get pretty darn collected. :) We also worked on the shoulder in to the renvers (or travers... I can't keep those darn words straight). When I'm tracking to the left, I need to ask for more flexion in the SI and in the travers I can let his head be straight. When tracking right, I need to keep his neck straighter with more outside rein and then when swapping to travers, I need to really use my inside leg and not ask for too much flexion so he drifts off the rail. I also need to make sure to use more leg so he doesn't get behind my leg. 

We had fun though. Then we went for a quick hack to the lake. :) Then it was Dan's turn. 

Fleck is such a goober :)

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