Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wild man!

On Sunday I just took Fleck for a short walk hack because I was tired and didn't feel great and Kelli was getting sick. But we had a good ride. Then I had to work Sun, Mon and Tues so I didn't get to ride until today. I had a migraine last night that lasted into today. I tried everything... napping, pills, cold compresses, peppermint oil, etc. So I finally just gave in and went for a ride. I was up for a change of scenery and since I felt cruddy, I figured I'd just walk. So we headed to the horse park. 
I was planning on riding him bareback but the park was crowded with runners and they are apparently scary!! Fleck was dancing on the end of the lead rope tied to the trailer. He was dancing so much I almost couldn't get the bareback pad on him. So I decided maybe I'd be better off with a saddle. :) I got on and we were off!!! It was full bore power trot! It almost felt like I was riding a gaited horse he was trotting so fast. And it was inverted and icky too. :( But I couldn't get him to settle until at least 10 minutes went by. And we had to do some cantering first too. ;)

We then managed to have a decent ride and hit some tough trails. And by the time we got back, he was a bit more settled. But I am glad I had the saddle. ;)

Goofball again!! Though I do worry about him. Today he felt very weak behind... in the sense that he wasn't pushing. Of course when I got off, his saddle had slid back a good bit. So... who knows? I'll see how he feels tomorrow. Fingers crossed it was just his anxiety and the saddle slipped. 

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