Thursday, October 9, 2014

Feeling the blues... but a good day

I loved this article. I'm kinda feeling like this, only without the great horse show run. Although, his last stadium round was amazing, so... perhaps. I just love him so much... I don't want to make him unhappy, in any way - physically, emotionally.... So I debate and wonder and stress about what to do.
In the meantime though, I keep enjoying his company! We have fun no matter what. :)

Peri wanted to go school some XC before her and Tess's debut at Chatt Hills, so we joined in the fun. It was a gorgeous day and Fleck felt great. We had a blast. We warmed up and then did some small mini-courses. He was great! He went big when I asked him to go big and went to the base when I asked. There was no hesitation, even down the drop into the water after the skinny. And he jumped the corner like a beast. I almost pulled him off it, but when I realized it, I closed my outside leg and he came right back to the take off spot and soared over!
It's just hard because he schools so well and then at the shows lately, we're falling apart. I'm sure most of it is me. But I'm always so worried about him. Sigh...

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