Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Did my ponies swap "clothes"?

Saturday morning was a little rough so I opted for a little nap first. I finally got myself up and headed over to Ashland to ride. I wanted to do some dressage on both guys and practice working on myself to make the ponies go properly. 

I got on Fleck first and for whatever reason decided to go up to the jump ring. So we got to work. Fleck was good but every once in a while, he'd throw in a little scoot and bolt. We were making progress and getting nice and straight and all four legs underneath him. We even did a little bit of going over the poles on the ground and then progressed to going over one of the jumps that was set cavaletti height. 

Fleck was a goober! He was cracking me up. He kept jumping the little jump and then aiming for another jump. And then when we weren't even jumping, he'd leg yield into the rein and then try to keep leg yielding onto a jump line. hee hee.

At one point, we were leg yielding into the left rein near the rail and two squirrels ran up from behind him along the railing. He bolted right and I almost fell off!! Literally! My butt came out of the saddle and behind it to the left. The only reason I stayed on was because I had the rein and hung onto his face. Doh! Silly horse!! How old are you?!

But it was a fun ride. We went for a quick hack afterwards. So, despite the antics, we accomplished some good work too. :)

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