Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dressage Fail

Ha ha... Flecky, you fool! He was all fired up today. Apparently I didn't get the memo that today was GALLOP day! Shame on me for putting on the dressage tack. I should have known. When we got there we were all alone, so I was letting him graze while I was grooming. Suddenly he started trotting off towards the exit. He got about 3/4 of the way there before he turned around and let me catch him. And then Debbie and Sky came out of the woods. So I don't know if they spooked him or what. goof!

So then we went in to ride and two boarders showed up. Fleck was convinced that he should be on full alert. This makes dressage difficult! I was trying to ride our test, so as we entered at A, he suddenly leapt over A and entered the arena. He then bolted down the long side at one point. And as we were leg yielding over to B, he then leapt over B and out of the arena. What fleck?!?! What?!? Who are you?? Hee hee.. Such a goober. I couldn't even get upset really, because.... really!? What a freak.
So we managed some decent work and had a quick hack. And then after I untacked him and cooled him off, he went trucking off towards the pond! I had to go catch him again and it took a peppermint bribe! I suppose I should have learned my lesson from earlier. ;) He made me giggle with his creeper self after his peppermint.

Such a geek! But I love him.

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