Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fitness Day

Fleck is feeling good!! Couldn't keep him down today.

walked some,
trot intervals...not timed, but 10 minutes or so when we could. I also did 2 + minutes of two point and egads!! The burn!

Then 2 minute canter though the woods, then a 2.5 min canter through the woods. Then a little trotting and then a legit 3 minute canter in the XC field. Fleck was making his roaring noise but it wasn't quite coinciding with his striding (which.. doesn't that coincide with their breathing?!) and when we finished, he wasn't even blowing. His resp rate was normal. So we rested 2 minutes and did another 3 minutes and he still wasn't even blowing. Then he insisted on trotting to the lake. and then trotted home. ;)

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