Monday, December 28, 2015

The Fun Continues

Snuck in another ride despite the weather! Yay!

It was icky and humid and muggy and almost tornado like weather. Especially for December. But I got to ride Flecky after I played with Dan. We did a little warm up in the arena and then jumped a bit more. Just because I have to give my saddle back tomorrow. And that arena is the best footing wise. Fleck was much chiller today and wasn't bolting, so that was good. I set up a few fences for fun and we did some bigger stuff too. He was great!

And then it started raining so we headed in. Of course a few minutes after we untacked it stopped, but it started up again before I got home.

So... dressage lessons tomorrow and then I think even if the weather cooperates Wed, they'll get a day off anyways. Hopefully we can ride New Years Eve or New Years Day or both!

No pictures because of the weather. But he was as cute and adorable as ever. :)

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