Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Quick lazy ride, but a ride

 Well.... It's a good thing I rode Saturday. I was feeling a little puny but had a fun little hack on Fleck and Dan. I rode Fleck first because it was CROWDED! And windy! A smidge chilly too finally! I figured Dan might do better if I avoided so much commotion since it had been a few days.

So Fleck and I hit the trails. I wanted to work on my two point and play in the Conquest while I had it. And I knew it was supposed to start raining. But the jump rings were all booked and I didn't have company. So we just hacked. It wasn't a fitness ride in the sense that I wasn't clocking anything or had a goal, but we did work on our fitness. We looked for hills. We did lots of trotting. We cantered a good bit. And I did some two point. Still hard to hold it as my legs are weak but easier to balance and the burn didn't hit nearly as quick. Interestingly it was in a different spot. Anyways... we were cantering along twix and tween. Or maybe it was possum trot. Regardless, we were cantering happily along the way and I saw a mucky patch coming up. So I tried to get Fleck to trot so we could walk through it instead of cantering through it. But yeah.. What ended up happening was that Fleck broke into a long strung out trot right as we hit the muck. We flantered and floundered through it... feeling like an octupus with legs a flying! He kept getting sucked into the mud and tripping himself. I'm sure it wasn't quite the spectacle it felt like, but perhaps. So once we extricated ourselves, I looked up and saw the sweet lady and her daughter on their horses just staring at us like we were idiots. Which we were! ha! I managed to check to make sure we had all four feet and then excused myself and embarassingly walked away. Doh! I'm glad we didn't run them over though. Man...

Anyways.... we carried on and ran into Beau and Jeff across the stream. And as we were finishing we ran into Gail and her mare and joined them in a little canter up the hill. :)

So we got in some decent work.

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