Sunday, December 27, 2015

Good Relaxing Day

Ahhhh.... what a nice Sunday. :) 

Nothing NOTHING to do today but ride my ponies. :) I got up and lounged around a bit and then headed to Ashland with both boys. It was a bit rainy this morning and even rained a little on Fleck and I, but then it cleared up. It was hot and muggy though. I rode in a t-shirt and was sweaty and almost had to hose Fleck off. And it's Dec 27th!! And he's fully clipped! But it was nice to not be freezing.
 We met Kelli and Arwyn and headed up to the jump arena where we did some flat work (in the jump saddle) and then Fleck and I did a little jumping. I wanted to see what Kelli thought of my position in the Conquest. The jumps were set so little but I figured "eh... why not? no reason to set them up". Except Fleck was a turd. He kept running at them. So we had a few discussions. And then I finally set one up to a decent size. He jumped it beautifully the first two times and then the next two I messed him up and they were awkward. So then we finished with another nice fence. :) 

But Kelli said that my leg looked awesome the entire ride, even the spazzy awkward fences. And that my upper body looked nice too. Alex joined us at the end and she thought my leg looked good too. So yay!! Fleck seemed happy in it also, so... we'll get them to make me one Tuesday when I see Cindy. Yay! 

Then we went on a 30 minute trail ride to keep Alex and Ti company since he's recovering from his tendon injury. It was a great day!

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