Monday, November 19, 2012

Back to work!

So... back to work today :) No more shenanigans! Hee hee.... 

We had a Cindy lesson today and it was a good day. We worked on getting Fleck straight and keeping him through and soft but big. The key thing from today is to remember my hips!!! I think I was locking them in the show ring which was part of the problem. But Cindy pointed out today that Fleck is a wide boy.. and he likes to travel wide behind...sorta swinging side to side. And that encourages me to swing my hips side to side too. But.. if I focus on keeping my belt buckle in front and my hips moving forward and not sideways... he gets his legs up underneath himself and it gets him pushing from behind better. It really did help. :)

We also worked on the half pass... I must keep my hips moving during that too! But I also can't let him lead with his shoulders too much. Half halting him gets him balanced back on his hiney :) 

So.... now to just remember to swing my hips!!!

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