Friday, November 30, 2012

Fleck and I went FLYING today!!

hee hee....

Doesn't it look like we're flying upside down!!!??? Fleck's so awesome, we did flips!! :)

We had a great dressage school... well, not great... I'll be honest. It was still hard for me!!! But we did have some very nice canters and I was much better about not closing my outside leg. But now I'm having issues with my leg yield to the left off the rail. It's soooo good to the right, but going left he totally over bends and gets behind my leg. We used to be so good at it. :( So... I must figure it out.

So anyways... we ended with some REALLY decent canter to walk to canters!!!!!! The "new" canter makes it so much easier for Flecky to sit on his haunches and do the downward transition. :)

So we went for a hack to cool off and ended up just heading down to the lake. Wow... what a gorgeous day.....

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