Friday, December 7, 2012

Back to real life

But real life is still fun!!!

It may not have been galloping on the beach or jumping driftwood... but our dressage lesson today was fun!!!!

Cindy wanted to work on getting a base for starting canter pirouettes. So, we worked on the turn on the haunches. Which, YAY, for me.. because I think Cindy fixed it!!! We started off and the right sided one was okay.. but the left sided one fell apart like it always does. Cindy figured out what I was doing wrong and sure enough.. it's ALL me... Doh... I'm attempting to bend him around my left leg, but that was causing me to shift my hips to the right, thus sending him to the right. Then I was getting mad and digging my right heel into him asking him to go to the left and... he couldn't. So. Cindy had me get off and hop on my left foot, hopping left. So... what I ended up doing was taking my left leg completely off. And Fleck went FINALLY.... idiot!!! And went left! ;) It wasn't perfect.. and it wasn't even really a true bend. But it was moving left!!!!!!! yay!!!!

So then we went to the canter. She wanted us to canter on a 20 meter circle and on one half of it... attempt to get him to canter in place. Or... fit as many strides as possible into that section. Hee hee.. He's such a goof. When I started on the right lead... he kept breaking to the trot. And when I didn't let him trot, he was swapping leads left and right! Mostly just in front, but sometimes all the way around. Hee hee. For whatever reason (probably a stronger right hind) he maintained it going to the left. But it was fun. He got the hang of it and started to sit! And that meant he could do the canter to walk easier. We ended with a beautiful canter to walk.

Oh, but I was giggling because Cindy was wanting me to canter and I started to prepare him for it. I didn't technically ask yet, but Fleck gave me a beautiful transition. I told Cindy I hadn't asked yet and she laughed and said she was going to quit teaching me and just teach Fleck. She told me to give him the ear buds. Hee hee.. I imagine he's a MUCH better student. ;)

So yep.. a good day! Even if it's not sunrise at the beach. But don't fret... we will go back there!!! And maybe even move there!

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