Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm getting it.... I'm getting it!

So... more good work with Fleck! Cindy even said "I'll make a dressage horse out of you yet Mr. Fleck!". hee hee... He's really really getting lovely. The big thing today was my seat. He's soooo responsive to my seat! It really is amazing. Like the canter to walk to canters. Or the walk to canter to walk. Ha! If I just focus on my seat's rhythm, then it works so much better. For instance.. to pick up the right lead, which is harder for Fleck, especially when I make him stay connected on the outside rein, I really have to focus on the right seat. I really have to think LIFTING into the canter with the right hip/femur. And then go right into the canter rhythm. Same with the downward. I have to really change the rhythm from canter to walk, without just stopping the rhythm. Cindy told me to do another flying change today. Hee hee... I'm going to have to tell her I have no idea how to do it! Not properly. 

Anyways, I was also really focused on my chin. It's my giveaway. If it starts really turning in... it's because Fleck isn't. Which means I'm blocking him with my shoulders. But if I turn my shoulders... he bends around too. :) 

We also worked on collecting the canter. It took me a bit but I finally found out how to do it without him having to break. I have to mimic what I want him to do. So... to collect his canter and get him cantering "in place", I have to keep my leg on and lift my hips up higher and at a slightly quicker pace. Pretty much the opposite of the canter lengthens.. where I slow the rhythm of my seat. I almost had to think of lifting his back up with my seat. I was a little afraid I was bouncing too much but Cindy said no. :) Yay!

And... I got a STRAIGHT canter lengthen!!! yay:) 

So yep... good work :) 

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