Friday, December 14, 2012

Jumping Bean!

So... I forgot to post about my jumping lesson!!! It was... legend...wait for it... dary! 

Beth wanted us to work on straightness so she set up a two stride and put some poles on either side of our track to help us. I had to focus on keeping him collected, revved up, and forward but straight!!! It was sorta hard. :) But we were getting it. Then she made it harder by shortening the distance. That meant Fleck had to really work and so did I! So we got it a few times and then Beth raised the fences. And then... I thought I needed more power and confused that power with speed. Which meant Fleck got flat and strung out and starting jumping over his shoulder. But THEN.... then Beth pointed that out and helped me get that bouncy bouncy canter... revved up and forward but not fast. She told me to think of speeding up the hind legs and slowing and raising the front legs. It worked... holy crap it worked!!!! 

Fleck jumped like a fiend!!!! Like hang time in the air fiend!!!! It was awesome!!! And we got it more than just once :) YES!!! Now to just make sure I keep aiming for that :)

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