Friday, December 14, 2012

Another perspective

So.... today I got a lesson from the working student instead of Cindy because Cindy was sick. She said if I didn't "get my moneys worth" she would teach me a make up. Holy smokes... I think Stephanie worked me harder than Cindy does! Hee hee.. Fleck and I were both whooped. :) But it was good. Stephanie was pushing for a bit more forward in the gait. She had a neat way to help me think about it. She said she learned it from Scott Hassler (I think). She said to think of the rhythm and tempo of the gait as a number. So Fleck's trot was a five. She wanted me to adjust the tempo and forwardness within the gait.. So go from a five to a six.. then back to five.. then down to four.. then back up to five. Then occasionally.. go for seven!! It was fun. And we were pretty good at it too and Stephanie complimented us on it and said it was obvious we had been doing it at home. Yay! We also did a lot of the "baby" renvers to help straighten him up. She also pointed out how his tempo and rhythm and balance changed when we do the serpentine. So we really focused on keeping it the same. 

It was a lot of work but a good ride!!

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