Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eventers do it in the cold

So... it was a miserable kind of day. Cold, windy, spitting mist.... I was supposed to work until 1, then go ride at Beths (boot camp style). But I got stuck at work til 1:30 or so.. then with the weather... I called her and we decided to post pone it. So I went home, ate lunch, and was ready to just sit and chill and let Fleck enjoy a day off. BUT...... I sorta wanted to ride. So.... the rain that was threatening wasn't happening... yet, anyways.. So with a little motivation from a friend... I decided to go ride. Sarah Beth said she'd meet me at Ashland, so... away we went. 

Since it was icky out and I figured the footing wouldn't be great, I decided to bring Dan. (Meaning, that the footing wasn't great for more than walking and some trotting, so Dan could come... as opposed to being good footing and wanting to gallop and jump). I took him in the Micklem and he was good.

We had a nice trail ride though it started to spit mist at us and got cold! We cut it short, but we did it. :) 

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