Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Ahhhhh...... all is well again!

Today was my last overnight of work and the start of my week off. Sweet relief....The basement is dry and staying dry.... And I had a good day with Flecky pie. It was cold but not too bad. We did some flat work and it was a quick mincy start, but I managed to slow my post and get him to slow down and then we were doing much better! I ran through the test and fixed our leg yields. Mostly... we have a great right leg yield but then going left he tends to trail with his haunches and get behind my leg. But I got my right leg farther back and opened my left hip and that seemed to help. Then we played with the canter and Fleck gave me a nice birthday present! We did a three loop serpentine with three clean simple changes!! YAY!!

Then I went back to the trailer and put the bareback pad on him and headed out to the field to meet Missy. Fleck was keen to head out and we trotted and cantered some.... and then I realized my bareback pad was slowly becoming a bucking strap! It was slipping and ended up behind me with the strap pretty much on Fleck's flank! Doh... that's not going to work. So we headed back to the trailer and put on the jump saddle. Then back out again to meet Missy. Fleck was so glad to see Zhar. We had a nice romp through the woods, a quick soak in the lake, and then a polite friendly canter through the fields. Ahhhh........ so much better!

Then dinner with Mike and Christina and Adam at Provinos. Fun day!

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