Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rounding his back

Yay!!! I finally got Fleck's shoe back on, which means I finally got to ride! So.. on this tenth day of the year.... I rode for the third time! Ah... so much better... 

We worked on more power without speed. I wanted Fleck to ride almost like he was spooking from behind! And then he did!! Ha!! Those darn little gray ponies freak him out!! They must taunt him or something, but he seriously gets freaked out about them. hee hee... Then we worked on the canter to walk to canter. I have to really focus on my seat aids and not throw myself forward. And Fleck has to stay round!! He must keep his back up and round and his neck rounded. If he inverts into the canter... or trots... stop and reinback!!

It was a good ride. :) And I'm so looking forward to spending the rest of my week off riding! Tomorrow we have a lesson with Beth, then Sat I'll trail ride with Liz, then Sunday... something! Then Monday another Cindy lesson and Tuesday.. who knows!? Then another trail ride Wed before work.

I signed up for P/T at Full Gallops January 27th show, so.. it's time to get back in gear. 

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