Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dressage is fun!

I always have fun in my dressage lessons but this one had me, and Cindy and Peri, giggling.

I should have known it was going to be a goofy day... I had the trailer in the front yard this morning and loaded Fleck in and put the ramp up. Luckily I went to add more hay to his hay net because when I did.. I saw Tilly roosting on the hay in there!! Tilly, aka Matilda, is one of my hens. I had two bales of hay still in the trailer and one was propped upright... Well, Tilly (and apparently Clementine) was perched up there! Eeks... Can you imagine if I took her to High Point with me? She'd be all freaked out and squawking and then Fleck would get all freaked out!! Hee hee. So I picked her up and put her out.. and had two eggs on my hay! So Cindy got some eggs today. 

Cindy always says "what would you say if I told you to do X right now?"... and my answer is almost always the same... regardless of what she's asking me to do. "Urgh......" frowny face then smile because I know that's her way of saying "Get your act together girl... how do you expect to change gait/speed/etc like that'!". hee hee.. And she's always right.... He's never set up properly. Hence the chagrined face. And then later she was "chastising" another student for sitting too far back in the lengthen.. saying "who rides like that?"... and I"m thinking... probably me.. hee hee..

Anyways... aside from the goofies, it was a good lesson! Fleck started a little putzy but got more impulsion by the end. And Cindy told me to "weight my elbows and joints" and it worked! Although she said "Yes.. that word set works for you"... and I'm thinking "Huh... cause I really don't know what you mean by that"!... hee hee... But I need to remember to bend my elbows/lift my hands, and then lengthen my legs and think of my knees and ankles being heavy... Apparently that's what she wanted :) hee hee.. More giggling...

Anyways... we had some good work today and that thought really seemed to help my position. Fleck and I had some pretty nice canter serpentines too. I need to remember to sit to the inside, even when we're counter cantering, because... I need to be riding him inside leg to outside rein WITHIN the bend... I was putting my weight on the opposite seat bone instead, which was throwing his barrel back to the wrong bend side, thus encouraging him to swap. Not that he was, but still. It was better when I sat right.

So yep.. fun day!

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