Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good bye 2012... Hello 2013!!

So... I spent the last day of 2012 on a trail ride with good friends. It was fantastic. Fleck and I had a nice little gallop at the end too.

It was a perfect way to end the year! And that got me thinking... What a great year it was! Despite the .... mess... in the middle. I still hate myself for not seeing it for what it was sooner, but... it is what it is and we've moved on. But... I'm Holly and I live in Hollyland so I'm focusing on all the greats... I've accomplished so much with that spotted boy.... So much! All I ever dreamed of... He's amazing...

We continued on our move up to Prelim and while it didn't go as planned... I honestly feel that it was only because of discomfort. I think if I had realized it... we would have had a much more successful season. But at least it meant that I figured it out and was able to treat Fleck. For a while I wasn't sure what the outcome would be, but he's back and feels better than ever!!! We made our redebut at Chatt Hills, running training, and came in third! He was ON FIRE and ate up that XC course. He's back!! Then we ran prelim at Jumping Branch and won!!! Out of a lot of people, many pros. Sure, they were probably on greenies, but still. And we were the fastest!! The only ones who almost made time. Go us.

We spent a ton of time playing in the lake at Ashland.. and while we didn't ever officially "swim", we came mighty close. We spent a lot of time out there rebuilding our relationship and just having fun.

We got to clinic with Lucinda Green! It was a great time as there were many friends there and Lucinda was really cool. Fleck impressed me with his ability to jump the skinny stuff without even blinking.. He was jumping great!

I really feel like we made some progress too!! Our dressage feels like it's improved immensely... like I'm finally getting it and Fleck is like "Thank God"! Our jumping has also improved. It's just nice to feel like I'm riding... and getting it... and able to realize what I'm messing up and how to fix it. Ahhh... it's a nice feeling. And we semi-conquered our ditch and wall fear. :)

Then we beat our best score ever... at prelim again. Only at a schooling show this time, but that makes TWICE that we got under a 32 at prelim. A 30.9... almost broke into the 20's.  YES!!! It's coming along quite nicely. 

Then we got to check off an item on the bucket list. I got to take Fleck to the beach and gallop him on the beach. It was amazing.... I will definitely do it again. We had so much fun.

 So yep.. considering the downs... Fleck and I had a fantastic year!!! He owes me nothing else...

So the plan for 2013... is not the year of awesome... the year of prelim awesome... it's the year of .... what will be, will be... and we'll have a blast! Or something like that. I plan to have fun and enjoy him.. if we can keep competing at Prelim and P/T and doing well... great! If we can go to the beach again, Hellsyeah! We will get him swimming.... and we will have a blast! I can't wait :)
And maybe.. .just maybe... I can convince myself to enter a recognized dressage show. It would be amazing to be able to get my bronze medal on him. But like I said.. he owes me nothing. :)

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