Friday, March 22, 2013

A little bit of everything

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do today, so... we did a bit of everything! :) 

We started off with some dressage in the dressage saddle without stirrups. Man.. it's been too long since I did any no stirrup work... that was hard! But we got some good work in. We started at the walk and I tried to get him stepping over with his hind going left, like with halfpass and turn on the haunches. I still can't figure out my aids, or he's much stiffer on that side or both. We did manage one or two steps of correct, but there was a lot more of incorrect than correct. Oh well. We'll keep plugging away at it. Then we got some great trot work and he was stretching and reaching. We got some great 10 meter circles too. Then we went on to the canter work. hee hee.. He cracks me up. He get so excited about transitions and cantering. We managed to do the counter canter fine. I think I was over thinking it and misunderstood what Cindy wanted yesterday. I'm sure I'm still perched a bit and not sitting deep enough, but... baby steps. So then I played with canter, walk, counter canter, walk, canter, etc on the circle. Fleck is definitely much better going to the left than he is going right. Especially for the counter canter, but he did good. So then since he was amped up and having fun... I thought... let's just see... I tried to do canter, walk, counter canter, walk, etc... on the long side... with only 2 strides of each. Like mini "tempes". hee hee. He was good but they were very abrupt and not at all while staying round. But he did it. So then we went back to the trot and did some half pass (still really tough to go left) and then finished with a beautiful lengthen and then stretchy trot. Yay!

So then I pulled that saddle off and put my new jump saddle on and then put the stirrups back on. We headed out to the trails and hopped over about 5 jumps just because. Then we headed for the woods. It was a great trail ride. We meanedered and went to some fo the paths we don't take as often. Lots of fun. I think we were out there for about an hour. It was a good day!!

 I love this part of the trail.. the cattle pens!!! But they look creepy in "negative"

The creek  down by "the Bottoms"

Pit stop for some grass... because look at that grass!! How could I deny him?

 We had to do a little gallop here when we hit the open field behind Ashland... and then we ended with a soak in the lake!

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